Stainless Steel Whistling Matte Green Tea Kettle with Heat-proof Handle


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Food-grade stainless steel kettle, 2.5L, boil once, can meet the needs of the whole family, inner sanded tank, rust-proof and odorless. The base is heated evenly, and the heat conduction is efficient, can shorten the boiling time.

Ergonomic bakelite handle, comfortable grip and anti-scalding. Flipped nozzle cover ensures safe and easy hot water pouring.

The loud whistle ensures that you can hear its sound from other rooms after the water boils. You can do other housework, relax, watch movies or play music without having to look at the kettle.

Heat-resistant handle, anti-scalding wood grain, reversible nozzle cover. The top is completely closed and steam will not come out from the top.

Suitable for all kinds of stoves, teapots, compatible with various cooking utensils, such as gas stoves, induction cookers, electric ceramic stoves, halogen lamps, wood stoves, etc.


Capacity: 2.5L

Body thickness: 0.35mm

Size: 22.5×19.5cm

Material: Stainless Steel

Packing:  Whistle Kettle * 1




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